Club Decode meet HYYTS

Ahead of the release of their new single and supporting Love Sick at the poetry club we spoke with fascinating new pop band HYYTS. Learn all about the wonderful world of HYYTS below! 

Tell us about HYYTS, how you guys formed, where are you from, who are you, what inspired you to make music!

ADAM: We are Adam and Sam Hyyts and we are a pop duo based in Glasgow. We met at a Celtic game when we were like 10 and have been best friends ever since. Sam went on to become a club promoter in Edinburgh and put various dance nights on all over Scotland while I went to the RCS to study musical theatre. When I moved to Dundee in 2016 to work with record producer Gary Clark I asked Sam if he wanted to come with me and by this point he had started producing and writing tracks on Ableton on his laptop. From there everything kind of fell into place and we started writing and making tracks together and with Gary and having an all round fab time. Then it was maybe a year and a bit before we started thinking about doing something with the tracks we’d made and we played our first gig just under a year ago. Since then it’s just been a whirlwind of magic. I think we’re both inspired by slightly different things but we meet somewhere in the middle and create something more than the sum of our individual parts. Sam’s passion is rooted in production and a lot of dance and hip hop whereas I’m more of a traditional songwriting nerd but we meet in our love of well crafted, well performed pop music from the 50s up until present day.

Tell us all about your new single DWY

ADAM: ‘DWY is our big romantic statement. The song centres on the notion of laughing through the pain and dancing in the rubble of disaster. Although it might seem quite different musically from our first single, we think it carries on some of the themes and ideas we picked up there. Tom Waits said he loves ‘beautiful melodies telling him terrible things,’ and that contrast has always been an inspiration for us. This is one of our favourite songs to play live and probably our most heartfelt and direct song so it seemed like a really good choice for our second single and we’re really excited to share it with the world’

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard of you?
ADAM: The term ‘future pop’ is something we’ve been playing with and even though we find it a little bit cringey now I think it kind of sums us up pretty well. We like melding together our love for experimental music and chart-toppers to create unpredictable pop music. We like sounding massive and coming at radio-friendly music in an unusual way. Our biggest inspirations are probably Kanye West, Scissor Sisters, Kylie Minogue, George Michael and Ariana Grande but we also love a lot of left field stuff from all genres.

What do you have in store for the next year?
ADAM: We have a really exciting first six months of next year planned with a couple of hometown shows in Glasgow in January (Poetry Club, Jan 31st) and June and in between them we just want to be gigging and releasing stuff as much as possible. We’ve got a bunch of tunes ready to go so we’ve got a pretty hectic schedule planned. We’ve always wanted to be a really visual band so getting great music videos made is also top of the agenda. But yeah hopefully we’ll be playing all over the UK and meeting lots of new people
FUN FACTS: the Most embarrassing moment on stage?? 
ADAM: We’ve had our fair share of embarrassing moments to be honest but we once had a keyboard malfunction and then when I tried to fix it the stand broke and everything fell into my lap which was probably the worst thing that’s happened. 
Musical guilty pleasure? 
ADAM: We’re not sure enjoying anything should ever be guilty to be honest, liking things is good! But some of the really heavy trap music being made right now is a little bit of a guilty pleasure since as two very white guys we don’t really get anything they’re talking about. 
Dream Venue?
ADAM: We’ve always felt like we have a pretty international sound so playing Coachella or somewhere else in America would be like going into a land we’ve only seen on tv. But the ultimate dream has to be the Barrowlands in Glasgow. Having grown up going to gigs there and seeing it as the ultimate venue would mean that playing that stage would be one of the biggest things ever. 
Random fact about yourselves? 
ADAM: Well Sam’s first job was as a professional call of duty player which is pretty cool. And we both have tattoos on our bums lol
Listen to HYYTS new single DWY below or on Spotify’s New Music Friday UK!

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