Tom Odell @ Barrowlands, Glasgow – 12/10/18

Words by Courtney Graham 

Tom Odell graced Glasgow’s Barrowlands with his company on the 12th of October for the first date of his European tour ahead of the release of his third album Jubilee Road. The historic venue was packed with a very varied age range – young and old.

The night was opened by support from Alfie Connor and Max Jury from Iowa who started with a little bit of soft rock. This separated the genres as well as getting the crowd ready for the intense but emotional songs that were to come later.

Tom confidently opened with the title track of his new album Jubilee Road which the crowd comfortably sang along to and cheered him on. Opening with a soaring piano and strong vocals, this gave an insight into what to expect for the rest of the night. The Glasgow crowd were excited as they have waited two years for the release of new music. There was a lot of energy on stage with the good relationship Odell has with his band showing throughout the gig.


He then went on to sing some old but gold songs including “I Know” from his first album which was very emotive. The chorus in this song is hard to forget with its catchy piano background. Tom enjoyed playing with the crowd with this song as it travelled from being loud to quiet midway through.

He then eases the crowd in with the next couple of songs being from previous albums until he plays his single from his new album “You’re Going to Break my Heart Tonight”. Although it was released this year the full crowd was singing along to it. This was a soulful song which clearly touched the crowd with its intense vocals and lyrics.

Toms excitement shone through when he leapt on to his piano mid-song and his passion for what he was doing was obvious in his performance. When he sang his old classics “Grow Old With Me”, “Hold Me” and “Another Love” the crowd were singing along just as enthusiastic and loud as him.

As Tom left the stage for his encore, the crowd went wild chanting for him to sing one more song. There was a lot of energy in the room when Tom eventually came on stage to sing his final 3 songs that were “Till I Lost”, “Half as Good as You” and “Magnetized”. The night finished how it started – with Toms intense, effortless vocals and heartfelt, honest lyrics.


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