Sam Fender @ Garage, Glasgow – 25/02/18

Headling Garage’s attic bar yesterday evening was indie’s talking point, Sam Fender. Having landed himself on an array of tips for 2018 lists, he is a must see. Read all about the gig below!


Opening with the loud and sudden burst of Millenial, the quality of the forthcoming set was apparent. A perfect crash of musicianship and a voice that floats effortlessly through the lows and highs. Despite having released an abundance of tracks, Sam began the set with the unknown. A song with the working title of Blue Monday came second in line. There is a strong mesmeric quality to the song, the chorus is one that you can’t help but think about. Stuck in one’s head ever since no doubt there will be others crying out for its release.

As his set travelled through the new, a possible change in musical style was apparent. Songs were more soulful, melodic and less harsh than those previously heard. Not only do they explore the common theme of politics, but also the torments of love and youth. The songs are short, but they’re so magnetic that their entirety doesn’t hinder.

Reaching the last proportion of the set, the hits followed one after another. Soaked up eagerly by the crowd, they got exactly what they were waiting for. There was no defining the audience, the ages ranged and it proves Fender’s music is some many can enjoy and relate. The songs such as Greasy Spoon and Friday Fighting boisterously echoed throughout the small room. Finishing with his game-changing song Play God, the lights of phones lit up the stage.  His performance is effortless. An overall fantastic and refreshing performance. I doubt it will for much longer that Sam’s efforts will bounce off the walls of small venues and to a handful of people. Watch this space.

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