Top Tips for 2018

With 2018 seemingly moments away, it’s time for Club Decode’s top tips for 2018. These are the acts we feel are going to achieve stratospheric success in 2018. So read below to see the acts you should listen to now before their on repeat on the radio.

 Bad Sounds


Although 2017 was a huge year for Bad Sounds, we predict 2018 will be even bigger. Having followed the 5 piece from the start, it’s clear they have the musical talent and entertainment factor to reach great heights. Their live show is the best amongst the UK’s rising music scene, it’s vibrant, colourful and simply amusing. The same can be said for their music. Wacky lyrics, addictive bass lines and head sticking melodies land them on our Top Tips for 2018 list.



Sigrid may be an artist pop fans may already be aware of.  The Norwegian singer is set to be the next pop icon, her effortlessly cool style and carefree attitude make her irresistible. Everything from her music to fashion choices is simply perfect and refreshing. Having already achieved success with single Don’t Kill My Vibe, she’s set to find even more success with her single Strangers and a possible album in 2018. Keep your eye out for this pop diamond.

The Night Cafe


It’s no secret that Club Decode is TheNightCafe’s number 1 fan, however, 2018 is definitely the Liverpool quartet’s year.  Having already predicted a Catfish and the Bottlemen like success in the band’s future, 2018 is the year it could happen. Their storylines range from the adorable, floaty tale of Addicted to the angsty, choice words of Mixed Signals. They’re a faultless indie band that everyone can love.

Ava Love


Next on our list is Ava Love. We would definitely go as far as saying this band is currently the most talented and artistic in Scotland. They remain still relatively under the radar but their sheer crazy and perfect songwriting land them on the list. Their music is complex and sometimes wild but still, it’s faultless. We’ve still not heard a lot from Ava Love but we certainly can’t wait to hear more.

Will Heard


Having spent a lot of time touring and performing with Rudimental, Will Heard’s career is starting to take off. The UK’s own Miguel, his music is rhythmic with soaring fantastic vocals. With an often sensual touch to his lyrics, his songs are often charming to say the least. Tipping Will as the next big male pop act, he lands himself on our top tips for 2018.

Pales waves


Having been taken under the wing of The 1975, Pale Waves are a band some may have heard of. The 1975 influence is strong but with a female touch you can’t help but love it. Although there is a strong comparison, the band are more than capable of being unique and creating a fanbase for themselves. Their gothic look is paralleled by their upbeat dreamlike tracks. Watch out for Pale Waves.

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