Top 5 Albums Of 2017

2017 has been a year brimming with artistic and addictive albums, however, there has only been a handful that standout amongst the year’s catalog. From the mainstream to the indie and from the well-known to the diamonds in the rough, here is Club Decode’s top 5 albums of 2017.

Will Joseph Cook – Sweet Dreamer


First on our list is the debut album from Will Joseph Cook. Entitled Sweet Dreamer, it’s possibly the most infectious, well-written debut album we’ve stumbled across in years. The album screams pop anthems, with more than one track being a head sticker. Stand out tracks include Treat Me Like A Lover, Habit and Alive


Flyte – The Loved Ones 


Another debut album lands itself on the list. The Loved Ones by harmonious indie quartet Flyte is one of our albums of the year. The band was known for their riff fuelled indie guitar music, however, choose to go a different direction with their debut. The album is soft and flows effortlessly, containing catching riffs and mesmeric vocals, it’s a must listen. Stand out tracks include Faithless, Sliding Doors, Victoria Falls and Marry Me, Archie. 

PVRIS – All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell


The second album from American trio Pvris earns its place on our top 5 list. All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Heaven is possibly the most artistic album amongst out top 5. With more aggression and pressing subjects than the aforementioned albums, the themes of heaven and hell are explored with delicate harps to furious drums. No song faults and vocals are stunningly beautiful. Must listen to tracks include Anyone Else, Winter, What’s Wrong and Heaven. 


Paramore – After Laughter 


An album that is no secret in our top 5 is Paramore’s After Laughter. The band’s fifth album is armed with bright colours and bright melodies. Still keeping the typical Paramore style of pressing lyrics and darker storylines. Melodies and lyrics contrast to make this a pop masterpiece. Stand out tracks are Hard Times, Told You So, Idle Worship and 26. 


Miguel – War & Leisure 


And finally what we are considering to be our album of the year is Miguel’s War & Leisure. Despite it being less than a week old, it’s like nothing we’ve heard throughout 2017. Full of soul and energy, it’s an R&B artwork. No song falters, all brimming with an infectious vibrancy and individuality. It deserves no more than a listen to do it justice. Stand out tracks include Pineapple Skies, Told You So, Caramelo Duro and Banana Clip. 


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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