The Night Cafe – Turn

2017 has been full of fresh new music from The Night Cafe. This New Music Friday they have released Turn from their next EP due out in early 2018. 23559643_1162565490540124_2743150879600647943_n.jpg

The stories behind The Night Cafe’s songs often contracts between the sweet and the harsh. However, Turn is a song that fits perfectly in the middle of this contrast. Lyrics do tell a tale of impatience, however, it definitely isn’t as cutting as past tales. The intro begins soft but flows into a guitar fulled indie intro. The instrumental is youthful and on the beat. Aggressively indie but not to be taken lightly.

Vocals are the strongest presence throughout this fuzzy piece. The verse is light, with the chorus-heavy. The chorus armed with a communicable melody, it’s impossible not to be transfixed by it. Its the perfect guitar track from one of the UK’s fastest rising bands, listen to the track below!

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