Catholic Action @ Broadcast, Glasgow – 07/11/17

Words by Craig Carrington-Porter

Catholic Action played a glorified set in front of a home crowd almost a week ago in Glasgow. Playing at the acclaimed Broadcast supporting the Nottingham band Kagoule. There was electricity in the air as the excitement built for Catholic Action to start the night. Following the release of their debut album ‘In Memory of’ Catholic Action have been hard to ignore. Taking almost years to write, record and producer its arrival into the music world has been highly anticipated. Up until this point, they have released a series of singles with such tracks as L.U.V, Rita Ora and Black and White garnering particular interest by critics and fans alike. They take to the stage and without missing a beat or wasting any time dive straight into Doing Well. The song is raunchy and perfect for getting a room full of adolescence to forget about their personal life’s and spend an evening with one of the best bands in Scotland.


Chris McCroy (Lead guitar/Vocals) commands the audience forward in a wanting of and I quote ‘To be uncomfortable’ before dropping into Rita Ora. The band are on point, they don’t drag out of time and they all have chemistry with one another. For any band, the main goal is to try and get their live sound and timing as close to their studio recordings. Catholic action achieves this well (excluding technical issues of feedback), their guitar tone has a beautiful twang to it and both Chris McCroy and Andrew Macpherson (Rhythm Guitar) layer their volume equally so as not to drown each other out.

Say Nothing a new song from their album follows shortly afterward and its brilliant. Jamie Dubber dressed in an eye-catching paisley shirt, leads the band into the song with his bass and like with most of their tracks it has a catchy and unforgettable guitar riff as well.

The end of the set is fast approaching, with that they perform black and white and it is immaculate. Recently voted ‘best song for loving Bowie’ by the NME it is a game changer for the set as the audience now begins to partake in shoving into each other.

Catholic Action close the set with L.U.V and its the perfect song for ending their performance on a high. The entire room swelled with admiration watching one of their own, a Glasgow band doing it, and Doing Well.

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