Sigrid – Strangers

Releasing her latest single is Norwegian pop act, Sigrid. Entitled Strangers, it’s possibly the pop song of 2017. Read more about it below.


With her down to earth style and irresistible pop songs, Sigrid has been on many’s radars for a while. Now armed with her greatest single yet, could this be THE pop song of 2017? Opening with the striking line “Just like in the movies”, it sets the tone for the song to come perfectly. The instrumental is subtle and delicate and moves in parallel with the melody. It builds with the story and crescendos with the chorus. The chorus is a captivating, simply mesmerizing piece of work. From the piano influenced melody at the start, to the robotic climax, to the sheer glorious melody.

As the story moves from throughout the song, the lyrics change to “Not like in the movies.” The bridge is a fastpaced, simply perfect piece of pop. Having bigged this song up enough, it deserves nothing more than a listen. It is the PERFECT addictive pop song and a chart song of 2017 has yet to come close to even rivaling it. Listen to the track below!

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