Will Joseph Cook – If You Want To Make Money

Just this May saw the release of Will Joseph Cook’s debut album Sweet Dreamer. Despite it only being months since it’s release, the pop singer/songwriter has released a small collection of songs he’s been working on recently. Entitled If You Want To Make Money read more about it below!


Opening the EP is the lead and title track If You Want To Make Money. A track filled with out the lyrics and catching harmonies. The song holds a sense of curiosity and screams fun and entertainment.  Holly Wood falls in the middle of the EP. A paced and upbeat number with a youthful and loud chorus. A song you could find yourself screaming at friends or listening to simply lift your mood. The song is a perfect feel good piece of pop with an addictive quality.

The collection of song is drawn to a close by the most intriguing song on the EP, Fish. Opening with the lyrics “I wanna be a fish”, interest can’t help but be sparked instantly. Once beyond the slight goofiness of the opening words, there are darker undertones to the meaning of the song. The song flows beautifully and the chorus is captivating with head sticking melodies. The is an easy listen and no doubt likely to be played again and again. Listen to the EP below!



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