Cassia @ Broadcast, Glasgow – 26/10/17

Words by Craig CarringtonPorter.

Being on Sauchiehall street Broadcast lends itself as being one of many venues to play live in Glasgow and probably one of the best in Scotland. Crammed into a small room below their main bar Start Static and The Reason opened the audience to the party mood that was being set that night.

As Cassia took center stage the crowd began a low murmur of ‘oh ah Cassia, I said oh ah Cassia’. Building in volume it ruptures when Rob Ellis (Guitar/Vocals) plucks out the opening guitar melody to ‘Sink’ and with that there was no holding this band back as they took entire domination of the room.


Coinciding with their ‘Movers and Shapers’ tour Cassia have sold out all over the breadth of the UK and it is extremely evident why as you watch this trio play live. Weekender is there the third song to be played that night and as soon as it is announced to the audience that this is ‘the dance tune’, a man who would later be identified as Russell dressed in a flamingo suit jumped up on stage. From start to finish of what is a very carefree and summery vibe song Russell danced away, headbutting blown up beach balls into the crowd and singing to his heart’s content. Admittedly, it is almost too difficult to not sing along to the bridge of ‘did you go out at the weekend?’.

Musically Cassia are insanely strong. They maintain a good presence but their saving grace and power force has to be their rhythm section. The combination of Lou Cotterill on bass and Jake Leff on drums create their depicted genre of calypso-afro rock. Layered on top are Rob’s light and crisp guitar parts that move with such fluidity and harmony which resonate even better when he sings. They close the set with 100 times over their most popular song to date. The stage is stormed by the crowd and what started with only three people on stage, there were now in abundance of twenty fans enclosed around the band. Taking selfies and sending snap chats to there friends, you stand in awe at what could be and will be a very bright future for this band, Cassia.


Club Decode 2017

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