Club Decode meet Cassia

Ahead of their sold-out show in Glasgow next week, we spoke to Rob from indie three-piece Cassia. Read below as we talk the movers and shapers EP and more!

Photo By Niall Lea

What is the story behind forming Cassia and the name?

Rob: So I started writing on my own when I was at school. I knew Lou cos he went to the same school and he taught singing in the same block as where my studio was. We ended up writing together then met Leff in a Wetherspoons and it all went from there! With the name we just wanted something that we thought reflected the vibe that was appearing in what we were writing. Found it online or in a book I think it stuck!

What can you tell us about the Movers and Shapers EP?

Rob: Well being a Mover and/or Shaper is something really important to us. We want people to experience life and feel free to do what they want and create what they want without being weighed down by what people say they cant do. So that’s why we named the Ep that. I think it really connects with the vibe of our music at the minute. We also love seeing people connecting to our music and so it kind of feels like if you are and you come bop with us at shows and stuff you’re a mover & shaper. Didn’t think of all that in advance but it’s kind of nice how it has turned out!

What is Cassia’s typical songwriting process?

Rob: Hmm, kind of varies. Usually one of us has a core idea of something whether it’s a riff of a vocal melody. Then we jam a lot and just work it up like that. It’s all pretty natural when we say we just want to enjoy playing with each other with no particular goal usually awesome stuff comes out. Very jam based though, then we tune it up when we demo it up and listen back and all that.

What artists do you draw inspiration from?

Rob: Aha, I don’t know how anyone could honestly say they have no influences! We have absolutely loads. Obviously, a lot of people say we have similarities to vampire weekend. But we’re inspired by loads, talking heads, the police, Bob Marley, old school African music, beach boys. To be fair I think anything comes out when you’re writing like you might remember something you heard on a chuck berry tune or something and that’ll play a big part! Varies a lot for us I think.

What can the Glasgow crowd expect from your upcoming gig at broadcast?

Rob: Loads of energy, loads of sunny vibes. I think there’ll be a serious bop on that night. It sold out a couple days ago and Glasgow is usually insane anyway so I think it’ll be madness. Playing a new tune or two, I’m expecting a stage invasion again at some point! Will be awesome.

What is in store for the next 6 months?

Rob: So the rest of Movers & Shapers will be released. Then some other music possibly at some point next year! When we finish tour we’ve got 2 months just to write is amazing. We’ve never had that yet as it’s been so busy. Got loads of stuff in the works!

Quickfire! Who is your musical guilty pleasure?

Rob: Elton John – Tiny Dancer/Rocket Man

 What was the best festival you played in 2017?

Rob: They were all absolutely amazing but I think Reading/Leeds were unbelievable!

Most embarrassing moment on stage?

Rob: Happened pretty recently actually. My mic just kept turning off midway through songs. Was really difficult to keep the momentum of the show when you have to start the same song six times and your manager is on stage fixing the mic. Leff’s bass drum as also gone walkabout in the past which is pretty disastrous.

The weirdest venue you’ve ever played?

Rob: Weirdest… Hmm we’ve done a lot that weren’t great but trying to think of a WEIRD one…so when we were in Holland we went to this place called Hoek Van Holland to a street festival. Interesting place… Massive techno fans and we had to whip up a 1 and a half hour set. They did not like us. Can’t really explain why it was weird just the place felt like a weird an indie movie you’d see where the people all stare at you when you arrive.

What is one fact about cassia that nobody knows?

Rob: All our Dad’s are called Paul. All 3!









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