Bloody Knees – Maybe It’s Easy

Releasing a new EP, a music video and a string of tour dates across the nation it is a package deal with Bloody Knees. Their second EP to be released to date it is raucous, original and another heavyweight in the mosher-rock genre. Words by Craig Carrington-Porter. 


The self-entitled track that the EP is named after ‘Maybe It’s Easy’ is the perfect anthem to play loud and allow all your anger to seep out through. Fuzzy guitars, fat bottomed bass lines and harmonic vocal choruses. These are all the perfect ingredients needed to only give you a taste of what to expect out of the entire EP. Alongside this, the music video works perfectly in sync. It is a humorous and refreshing adaptation of the underdog wrestler that overcomes the champion.

Not Done’ is not new having been pre-released before the EP but squeezes into an already beefy EP and holds its place. It is gritty and full of dirt. Filled with ghostly backing vocals, audacious drums, and strained but clear lead vocals. It has an eerie nostalgia of Nirvana and all the punk bands that have come before.

The EP dips into a slower pace with ‘I want it all’. With the lyrics of the chorus being dragged on the floor ‘So I’m going to scream, I’m going to crawl, It’s mine to take and I want it all’. The song is picked up onto its feet with a low toned guitar solo and a double-time pace from the drums. The song turns opaque and charming with just guitars and vocals and ends on a high note with the chorus. The second last track ‘Like what you see’ begins on a more positive vibe with a guitar intro and sexualized, husky vocals. Both ‘We can go whenever’ and ‘Like what you see’ are interlinked and carry us out on our shoulders as if we were crowd surfing at one of their gigs. Want the opportunity to do actually do that? Then see them live, there are still plenty of dates left;


• 25th -Rough Trade, Nottingham

• 26th -The Blue Moon, Cambridge

• 27th -The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

• 28th -The Cookie, Leicester


• 1st -Komedia Studio Bar, Brighton

• 2nd -Camden Assembly, London

• 3rd -The Library, Oxford

• 4th -The Old England, Bristol

• 7th -The Polar Bear, Hull

• 8th -Broadcast, Glasgow

• 9th -Headrow House, Leeds

• 10th -Picture House Social, Sheffield • 11th -The Sugarmill, Stoke on Trent

• 12th -Night & Day, Manchester

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