Amber Run @ The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh – 12/10/17

With the wonderful Seafret in support, Amber Run took to the stage of Edinburgh’s Liquid Rooms yesterday evening. Read more about it below. 


Opening with their song Pilot, Amber Run took to the stage in a loud and energetic burst. The audience more than welcoming of the quartet’s presence. The drumming was artistic and contagious, a showcase of the musical talent the band possesses. The crowd with vocals so loud almost rising above the music. The band screamed encouragement from the stage, uplifting the audience even more. After three fiery tracks, the band slowed down the set and moved into a track from their most recent album, Fickle Game. The anger held within the second album shown through with grace. Vocals beautifully resonated around The Liquid Rooms, bouncing back and forth between the band and the crowd. With standout out songs being Just My Soul Responding and Noah. 

The band were casual, they had a clear confidence in their music and themselves. Lead singer Joe showcased a sometimes self-depreciating whit. Also, the singer and the band showed a fantastic sense of showmanship, losing themselves in their music. The band acknowledged the sometimes mellowness of their music with charm.  The band closed in an alluring fashion with I Found and No Answers. An overall brilliant set from a brilliant band and the Scottish crowds simply cannot wait for their return.


Club Decode 2017

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