Ones to Watch: Sam Fender

We introduce a new monthly segment to Club Decode, Ones to Watch. To aid music fans in their discovery of new music we will feature one artist a month who as a blog we feel could be the next big thing. To begin our Ones to Watch we have chosen the very new and very talented Sam Fender. 

sam fender promo.png

Stumbling across Sam Fender this past weekend at Neighbourhood Festival in Manchester was like finding a diamond in the rough. Playing to a modest and quiet crowd at the city’s Revolution, Sam Fender and his band won over the room. A simple musical nosy had led to a personal discovery of noteworthy talent. With him and his band only being together a few mere months, it seemed like quite the opposite. They performed with aged experience (except for maybe a minor keyboard technical glitch) and the quality of songwriting spoke for itself.

It seems that the young singer appeared completely out of the blue several months back armed with his single Play God. Already nearly at 1 million plays on Spotify and being showcased in Topshops around the country, it is quite possibly one of the strongest debut single’s one has ever heard. With vocals reflection of those of James Bay, harsh political lyrics and a fiery instrumental, Play God is a fantastic slice of youthful songwriting. Shortly then came Greasy Spoon. Another critical track already grabbing the attention of Radio one DJs. It’s clear as an artist, he is more than capable of writing music that would appeal to the masses.

Not long after followed Millenial. Blink and you’ll miss it. The boisterous and loud piece is only 1 minute and 46 seconds long. A burst youthful energy and with an addictive shout. From this small insight, it’s more than clear it won’t be for much longer that the band will be playing to small curious crowds. Soon they’ll play to packed venues full of those in the know. Therefore it’s within Club Decode’s highest recommendation to sink your teeth into Sam Fender. Do it now.


Club Decode 2017

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