The Pale White EP

Words by Craig Carrington-Porter. 

This will probably be one of the best EPs that you will listen to before 2017 is over. The Pale White have collected three already released singles and added one newer track called ‘Let you down’ for everyone to listen to.


Firstly, when trying to describe what genre The Pale White are, they entitle themselves as ‘Bruce Bogtrotter’ through their Facebook page. Who is Bruce Bogtrotter? Do you remember the movie Matilda? With the cake eating competition where the child triumphs in eating an entire chocolate cake. That is Bruce Bogtrotter but The Pale White could collectively be labelled as ‘New Age Rock’.

Secondly, If you are a fan of The Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys or even The Amazons (who they recently supported on tour) then you will love this band.

The EP erupts into live with its first track ‘Reaction’. With a chorus like an anthem ‘I want a reaction, don’t give satisfaction for free’. You are bent to their words and you give them the response they deserve, which is all your attention. Bass driven in the verse with the guitar hitting the off beats it doesn’t feel unnatural and in true ‘new age rock’ fashion rather than have a bridge there is a non-self-indulgent instrumental breakdown. This leads you to the final chorus and into the second track ‘Let you down’.

The band fall into the song together with Adam Hope (Vocals/Guitar) preaching the opening line of ‘its dangerous, to walk on the ice here’. There is a darker undertone with this song and it has an interesting structure of Verse 1, Pre-Chorus, Verse 2 and then the chorus. This mixed with their simple set up of only being a trio doesn’t add any complexity or awkwardness to the song. It still gravitates between a heavier rock feel in the verse and a concordant, catchy pop vibe in the chorus.

Turn it around’ and ‘Downer’ are the foundations for The Pale White proving that they can write songs that grasp your curiosity and keep it held firmly in place. In each song the rhythm section with Jack Hope on drums and Tom Booth on bass is immensely tight and on point. This allows for Adam Hope to move freely and melodically with his guitar. Compile this together with a voice that hasn’t been torn up or is being pushed to screech and you have a band that could go great lengths over the up and coming years.


Club Decode 2017

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