Bad Sounds – Mixtape One

Bad Sounds have been a sparking a growing amount of intrigue over the course of the past year. Music fans are taking to the quintet’s loud, groove fulled sound and entertaining aura. Releasing their biggest collection of songs yet, Mixtape One. Read more about it below. 


Mixtape One is made up of a series of tracks, intros and short interludes. The EP opens with an 11 second intro entitled BAAAD. A very simplistic intro with a simple chorus of the word bad in typical Bad Sounds style. The first full length track is the lead single Living Alone. The song brims with a hip-hop groove and wild samples. Involving an extremely catchy chorus and an addictive bass line, Living Alone is no doubt one of the favourites of the EP. Living Alone fades into Bad Sounds’ skit entitled Kelly. A very simple bad sounds vocal track with a sample repeating throughout. Again short and sweet it moves into the bands latest single Hot Head Chippenham. 

Beginning with a helter skelter riff into their amusing story telling lyrics. Verses are typical Bad Sounds fashion, hip hop influenced with lyrics you can’t help but love. The chorus is a catchy mix of the word hot head, a tune oneself with find humming. Mixtape One continues on into a 30 second HHC reprise, a funky vocal continuation of the songs chorus, ending with each band member announcing the band’s moniker.

The last full length track on the EP is Enough. Containing a laid back, softer sound we are yet to hear from the 5 piece. The song is carried by a floating bass line creating this dream like element to the song. The song depicts a slightly darker tale than what we are used to from the band. They definitely explored different areas of songwriting for Enough. The last song on the EP is an outro, which begins with the sample from enough. With an almost elevator music feel, the song is a simple thank you for listening to the EP. A fantastically entertaining way to round off Mixtape One.

Overall, it’s hard to put into words just how well done and entertaining this EP is. The EP is filled with amusement and artistic wonder and deserves nothing more than a listen. The sheer brilliance can only be understood after a run through of mixtape one. Let Bad Sounds and their music speak for themselves. Sink your teeth into it now.

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