Rae Morris – Do It

Rae Morris has returned with an uplifting and very humble song titled ‘Do It’. Working along side Fryers again with whom she recorded ‘Cold’ off of her debut album Unguarded, the pair have produced would could be Rae Morris’s catchiest single yet. Words by Craig Carrington-Porter


Since 2012 Rae Morris has been unraveling a string of EP’s and singles. She is still hard at work evolving from just the pianist and vocalist that she started out as. Gigging in the Blackpool music scene she would be picked up by Atlantic records and would begin to adopt an electronic pop sound to her music.

The track itself is musically simple and has a strong care free attitude about it which is so refreshing when you compare it to her earlier releases such as the likes of ‘Don’t Go’, ‘Wait a While’ and ‘Closer’.

‘Do It’ is built up on layers of synthesisers and a drum machine but they are well produced and nothing merges nor makes the track feel cluttered, it still retains a light and digestible feel to it. However, what speaks volumes about this single is the lyrical content that is included in the chorus ‘lets do something we might regret, take your guard down I can see through it, do it, do it, do it…’ Alongside this you are instantly grasped by the opening line of ‘You can write the next line, baby you’ve been wasting time, we can make our bodies rhyme, our lives intertwine.’

This single is only to be a template of what is to follow with the rumour of another album on it’s way in early 2018. Rae Morris is moving with the times by adopting this much more relaxed, electronic pop feel. Is this the end to her upright piano days? If so she is making the right decisions.


Club Decode 2017

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