The Magic Gang to Support Sundara Karma

This sunday (1st October) see Glasgow’s 02 abc host a gig many indie fans can sink their teeth right into. Indie rockers Sundara Karma embark on their tour UK with the wonderfully styled four piece The Magic Gang in support. Read more about it below! 


The Magic Gang have been fast on the rise since the release of their acclaimed single Jasmine. The retro influenced quartet have gone from strength to strength. Their sound precise and on the beat, strict in time producing a laid back old guitar band feel. Their live performance is infused with an irresistible quirky charm and a relaxed aura. They have confidence to their live set and quite rightly so. From the sing-a-long chorus of How Can I Compete to the sweet tones and groove of Lady, Please, it’s music sure to put a smile on ones face. The Magic Gang are likely to be headlining those larger venues relatively soon. The time to see them is now.

The band support Sundara Karma at the 02 abc this Sunday. Those unaware of the band beforehand are sure to be drawn in by their simple magnetism. So be making sure to head down to the gig early to see your new favourite band. Listen to The Magic Gang below!

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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