Ignite #001

Taking place on Tuesday 26th September at Saint Luke’s in Glasgow is Ignite Scotland’s first showcase, Ignite #001. Ignite Scotland is a new artist development project managed by the Scottish Music Centre and funded by Help Musicians UK and PRS for Music Foundation. A fantastic new program to help Scottish musicians progress with their career. With Aylee, Skjor, Dancing on Tables and Indigo Velvet all playing the evening you can read more about the acts below. 

21740829_1914552502141589_4199603938286056211_o (1).jpg

Aylee is a mesmeric and talented pop artist from Perthshire. Self producing catching pop songs with an almost mechanical feel. She stands out among the other acts playing the evening and she brings a fresh new sound which  many won’t have heard before. Hailing from Edinburgh is quartet Skjor. Their guitar fueled indie tunes appear effortless and guitars reminisce those of Razorlight and The Kooks. A great example of some the indie music talent Scotland has to offer.

DSC_0675 (2).jpg
Aylee by Alice Hadden


Fellow Edinburgh based band Indigo Velvet take to the Ignite #001 stage. The quartet armed with their tropical, summery tracks are up for best live act at this years Scottish Alternative Music Awards. Their performance no doubt is worth the intrigue, their feel good music will have you hooked. The final act to play Ignite is Dancing on Tables. Bring a retro, rock n roll feel to the showcase. Known to be able to write a catchy, chorus or two, its impossible to not sing along.  Tickets are still available for the showcase here.

Indigo Velvet by Alice Hadden

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