Hippo Campus – Warm Glow

Releasing an EP seemingly out the blue is Minnesotan quartet Hippo Campus. Entitled Warm Glow it’s the first new music since their debut album just back in January. Words below by Craig Carrington-Porter. 


Following the release of their debut album Landmark, Hippo Campus are on a very fast rise to becoming one of the most popular bands in the music scene. Hailing from Minnesota they have been making gains on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Warm Glow is a collection of three songs that were originally planned to be part of the landmark album. However, having never made the album, Hippo Campus decided to release them as their own EP. Consisting of three songs the EP has their signature sound of a live indie-pop band. They stepped into Pachyderm studios with  Landmark producer BJ Burton and completed the nearly never finished songs.

Baseball, the first tack of the EP is very bright and catchy and is certainly the type of song that will leave you with a genuine smile spread across your face. Led in with a guitar riff, they play it down in the verse and build you up to the chorus which you are easily hooked onto. There is more of the same with the second track Traveler. It is amazingly put together by the four piece band and moves with great fluidity.

The conception of merging Traveler with the final track Warm Glow is a brilliant idea. Naming the EP after this track, it has to be hinted that this is the crescendo and it is beautiful. Originally wrote to be the closing track on the Landmark album, it spans to nearly six minutes in length but moves with such consistency to the bands sound and writing that it emulates the fact that the whole EP has a ‘Warm Glow’ about it.

Club Decode 2017

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