Lewis Capaldi @ Saint Lukes, Glasgow – 15/09/17 

Headlining a sold out Saint Luke’s was Scotland’s fastest rising star Lewis Capaldi. 


Opening with his latest single Lost On You, Lewis Capaldi instantly had the entirety of Saint Lukes’ mesmerised. The singing voices of the audience almost louder than performer himself, Capaldi seemed in awe of the reaction. The most striking part of the performance was the vocals, his strong soulful vocals are a focal point of both his music and live show. No instrumental over complicated or ever taking the attention away from those arresting vocals.

The singer showcased his new material and several songs off his upcoming EP. Songs with an upbeat tempo with layers of instruments, a pop influenced sound we have yet to a hear from him. A new song that grabbed the attention in particular was called Half the World Away.  The whole performance was paced, a common slow tempo was found in each song. No sudden jumps from pace to the other made the performance an easy and relaxing watch. The scripted part of the performance allowed for Capaldi’s nervous and charming sense of humor to stand out. Not only able to entertain with songs, but with a comedic sentence or two as well. Closing his set with his debut single Bruises, there was not a silent individual in the room as vocals bounced around the old church. This performance and reception proved that there is still so much to come from Lewis Capaldi and a soon to be household name.

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017



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