Neighbourhood Festival 2017

In Manchester on October 7th takes the perfect inner city festival for up and coming music, Neighbourhood festival. As per at a festival with so many sets to choose from it can be difficult to choose who to see! These are the artists you simply cannot miss.


An artist that always has our highest of recommendations is Bad Sounds. Their live set is the definition of entertainment. The bands hip hop infused indie tunes are vibrant with sometimes confusing and humorous lyrics. Highly danceable and sing-a-long songs, Bad Sounds and their amusing presence is too much to resist. Highlights of the set will include new single Living Alone, and tracks Meat On My Bones and Wages. An other set you must catch is from the female fronted four piece Bloxx. With upbeat and thriving melodies and riffs, their songs are easy to love. Their music is simplicity and full of youthfulness. A fantastic little indie band to sink your teeth into.

A fresh new talent you simply cannot miss is Leeds four piece Clay. With an incredible songwriting ability, the quartet concoct a weird new version of pop. Tracks with an incredible high energy and almost robotic feel, it’s difficult not to fall for Clay’s mysterious exterior. Stay Calm, 6AM and Nothing Happened are the songs you need to know before you go. A new band on the block you simply must know of is The Old Pink house.  Bursting out from seemingly nowhere, the band have already showcased that they’re more than capable of writing an indie anthem or two. Describing themselves as cosmic pop, their set is sure to blow you away.

Having recently released their debut album, Flyte take to Neighbourhood Festival. There is guarantee this will be the most beautiful vocal performance of the festival. The quartet’s music is full of soaring, impressive harmonies and they’re simply mesmeric live. Their brand new album The Loved Ones is a work of art and a simplistic piece of beauty and no doubt fantastic live. The Pale White are yet another band we can’t help but recommend. Their music is loud, ferocious and riff fueled. The best rock band since Royal Blood. For those into the heavier side of indie, The Pale White are the band for you. Neighbourhood festival offers so much variety and a great opportunity for musical discovery. We give this festival the highest possible recommendation. Tickets are still available here.


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017



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