Flyte – The Loved Ones 

In this review we discuss the exceptional debut album from the beyond talented four piece Flyte.  Among the indie music scene, Flyte are well known for writing an infectious tune or two with undeniably fantastic harmonies. The quartet are more than capable of writing toe tapping, riff fueled pop tracks, however for their debut the band have choosen a quite different direction. No less fantastic, Flyte have a opted for a more relaxed and old fashioned feel for their debut The Loved Ones. Read all about it below!


The album opens with Faithless, a piano infused tune with a vocal focus. Lyrically and vocally the song is beautiful, the chorus is mesmering and memorable. With amazing harmonies the song cresendos into a shape shifting bridge and into one final chorus. A striking beginning to this album. The album then flows into a handful of songs Flyte fans may have heard before Victoria Falls and Cathy Come Home. 

The album moves onto previously unheard songs, in amongst those there are a few that truly standout. Including Sliding Doors. A song which unapologetically wonders what if and how things could have been different. A flowing guitar riff guides us through into a simply beautiful chorus. With the bridge carried by a quiet, staccato melody which builds into one final chorus.  Annie and Alistair is another grasping song. A tight acoustic riff begins the song and carries throughout and a melody that softly bounces up and down. The harmonies that Flyte are well known for really shine through within Annie and Alistair.

The Loved Ones then moves into a sense of familiarity with the lead single of the album Echoes. One of the more electric songs on the albums but it still remains laid back and relaxed. The album is drawn to a close by a cover of Alvvays’ Archie, Marry Me. Overall the album is  surprising retro fulled master piece. A wonderful laid back album and artistic showcase.


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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