Pale Waves – Television Romance 

Since the release of their There’s A Honey, there’s been a restless wait for more from quartet Pale Waves. Releasing their second single Television Romance, they continue to go from strength to strength. 


Despite their dark and apparent gloomy exterior, the music is a parallel to the look. Pale Waves sound is far from doom and gloom, with snappy riffs and guitar movements Television Romance is a striking slice of indie pop. Sharing a label with The 1975, you can hear a slight groove and vocal influence. However, their is no need for Pale Waves to be compared, the band are more than capable of creating their own music magic.

Television Romance owns a faultless chorus. Everything from the bouncing guitars, the electronic twist of the drums and a memorable melody. Every intricate detail of the song screams lovable. The song’s addictive and irresistible quality make it an indie fans dream. Setting themselves up for a remarkable career, there is more still to come from Pale Waves. Listen to the single below!


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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