UNMISSABLE ACTS: Electric Fields 2017

On the 1st and 2nd of September stands one of Scotland’s best family festivals, Electric Fields. Taking place on the grounds of Dumfries and Galloway’s Drumlanrig Castle it’s the perfect easy-going weekend to bring summer to a close. With a selection of the UK’s biggest and smallest names, this festival has so much to offer. Not to mention the festival is a prodigious showcase for homegrown Scottish talent. Read below as we delve once again into our Unmissable list and who you need to see at Electric Fields. 


Since releasing their second album How To Be A Human Being, Glass Animals have become one of the UK’s most loved indie pop bands. A set full of psychedelic numbers, cheeky lyrics and laid back tunes, it’s no doubt a mesmeric one. With so many memorable tracks, it’s entertainment for everyone, thus making them one of our must sees. Our next act is a homegrown talent and one you may often find on our unmissable list, The Vegan Leather. Their music and live performance is art and contains an irresistible groove. Never knowing where to look, their set is full of noisy hits and vibrant dance moves. A set that will no doubt stick in your mind sometime after the festival!

Among the top Scottish acts is of course Frightened Rabbit and Fatherson.  Frightened Rabbit headline the festival and quite rightly so, achieving success in all corners of the globe. As one of Scotland’s most successful bands, their live performance is a rare spectacle. With sometimes dark lyrics and flowing riffs, they’ll no doubt spark interest in ones mind.  Fatherson can be described as nothing other than sweet noise. With soaring vocals and songs moving from the slow hard hitting to the upbeat sing-a-longs, the set is full of emotion. Another guaranteed captivating performance. Other well established acts to look out for at Electric Fields include Band Of Horses, Temples and Arab Strap.

Sticking with homegrown talent we move onto The Cut. Forming in Glasgow, they remain still a relatively new band. An air of mystery exists around the band making them somewhat more intriguing. A set full of crashing drums and edgy guitars, go along to see the mystery. Declan Welsh and The Decadent West is another one of our common unmissable acts. Politics being the main source of inspiration, songs can open many eyes to a sense of reason. Not only is their paramount point behind the music, the riffs are enormous and melodies are head sticking, making Declan Welsh and the Decadent West one of our must sees.

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