UNMISSABLE ACTS: 110 Above Festival

Kicking off in a couple days is the UK’s best festival for up and coming artists, 110 Above Festival. Taking pace on Gopsall Farm in Leicestershire, the festival showcases an array of acts of who the average music listener may not know but are about to take off. Every band on the line up has a promising a future ahead of them, maybe making it a little difficult to choose who to go see. So of course! Here is our Unmissable Acts for 110 Above!

Taking to the commune stage is young Chester based quartet Idle frets. Songs bursting with energy and tropical guitar tunes. Still very much at the beginning of their career, their set is a bundle of excitement and brimming with toe tapping choruses. Their indie pop is vibrant and infectious making them one of our must sees at the festival.

Hailing from London Haus play the festival’s commune stage on Saturday. With often fast paced and layered medlodies, Haus put on a fascinating live show. Never knowing where to look and their lyrics easily penetrate the mind. There’s no doubt you’ll be walking away from this performance humming a tune or two.

Playing the Sunday of 110 is the festival’s fastest rising stars The Night Café. Having recently played gigs with The Wombats and festivals up and down the county, music fans have warmed to their sweet tunes and youthful image. More than worthy of their commune stage slot, they’re likely to draw quite the crowd. Their honest lyrics and dreamy riffs are sure to win you over.

Now possibly the best live act of the line up Marsicans. Their colourful aesthetic matches the vibrancy of their buoyant songs. Their striking harmonies roll over the crowd with ease and you’ll know all the words in no time. The happiest set of the festival that will no doubt brighten you day no matter the weather!

Performing his beautiful day debut album at 110 is the mesmeric Will Joseph Cook. His quirky style and compositions make the performance irresistible. The performance is nothing over than a showcase of sheer songwriting talent. No melody is not sculpted to perfection. A set full of movement and set you certainly cannot miss.

Lauren patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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