The Vegan Leather – Eyes 

Having had an explosive year so far, The Vegan Leather have continued to make waves throughout Scotland with their ever-growing colourful presence. Now armed with a follow up single to previous release ‘Shake It’ their place amongst Scotlands brightest acts is now a confirmed notion amongst many. 

An already widely popular fan-favourite live, ‘Eyes’ will undoubtedly be a continued fan favourite as recorded it holds the same colourfully bold energy. 

A tropical disco fusion of retro synth refrains and lively percussive elements introduce us to dulcet vocals and a growing underlying vivid energy which carries the track throughout. 

With vibrant synth elements of continuous bass rhythms with an overlay of upbeat melodies soaked with an overall groove feeling, ‘Eyes’ is bursting with warm luring electronic tones and a feel-good groove giving an overall dance-like feeling to the track. 

A mellow build-up through verses leads us into an an adrenaline rush of a final chorus. A continuous catchy refrain of ‘Don’t come closer I don’t want your eyes on mine’ is met with a complex rhythmic drum pattern, sunny riffs and a driving bass-line. Fading out with a slowing synth melody, we are left excited for future material from the Paisley quartet. 

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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