The Ninth Wave – Reformation 

Friday gave us our first taste of new material from the Glaswegian quartet. The Ninth Wave continue to make waves throughout the Scottish Music Industry and ‘Reformation’ proves exactly why they are up there with 2017’s ones to watch. 

‘Reformation’ holds something darker when compared to previous releases. Moody drawing undertones are contrasted by a pulsing resilient drum rhythm intertwining with injections of dynamic synth melodies- giving a pressing air of a feel-good track while still holding underlying tenacious elements.

Echoing vocals and resonating sparkling riffs give ‘Reformation’ a haunting feel while potent lyrics soak into a bold building energy providing a strikingly raw element throughout the tracks duration. 

A powerfully vibrant single which lures you into its vivid depths leaving you with a want for more. ‘Reformation’ is an exciting look into The Ninth Wave’s intended sound direction and leaves us excited for their future material. 

Kitt @Club Decode 2017

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