Catholic Action – Propaganda // Sunday Driver 

‘Propaganda’ is a release which sets itself apart from others, with an overall sunny feel to it and an underlying heavier driving element, the track is almost anthemic. 

A high energy rush from beginning to end, ‘Propaganda’ packs itself into just over a minute and a half of intertwining buoyant riffs and sun soaked synth refrains. A bold drum rhythm carries the track throughout, alongside a groove inducing bass-line. 

Overall ‘Propaganda’ is a feel-good rush throughout. With lyrics like ‘Music to tick boxes to’ you are lured into the tracks depths, leaving you exploring it’s true meaning. 

Starkly contrasting we are then led into ‘Sunday Driver’…. 

A track with a more mellow feeling, we are introduced to ‘Sunday Driver’ by a hip-swaying melody and a building rolling drum rhythm. 

A growing dulcet energy consisting of a rich drawing bass-line, simplistic drum rhythm and echoing riffs creates the perfect undertone for lead singer Chris’ resonating vocals, giving ‘Sunday Driver’ an overall compelling feel. 

Dropping to stand alone vocals we are met with a chilling raw element contained within the tracks overall air. In a sense, we have been given an almost emotion evoking piece from Catholic Action. Fading out with the line’ When I’m too far gone’, ‘Sunday Driver’ is an engaging insight into the sheer unique writing talents possessed by Catholic Action. 

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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