MOSCOW. – September 

Edinburgh based four-piece Moscow are back with a brand new single. ‘September’ which was released today follows on from their previous highly successful split single 6WAVES // Tonight. 

A simplistic beat introduces us to hazy longing riffs and a strong vivid bass-line which resonates throughout the track, giving a driving underlying energy. Bright refrains and an overall sunny disposition are contrasted by a chorus which takes a darker moodier turn, giving a possible hint towards the changing moods of the writer. 

Jovial guitars are mirrored by mellow vocals drifting alongside one another harmoniously. 

Heavier building instrumentation is met with soaring sweet vocals intertwining echoing guitars drawing us into the tracks final minute. With elements of New Wave greats, ‘September’ holds all the makings of a stellar live track. With dark-drawing riffs the track still brings about a feel-good air while holding on to an underlying compelling tenacious factor. ‘September’ leaves us excited for future Moscow. material. 

Check the track out below…
Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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