Lights – Giants

My first introduction to the highly successful Canadian artist, Lights, is her brand new single ‘Giants’ released today via Warner Bros Records. ‘Giants’ is our first look into her intended sound direction for 2017 particularly with her new album release titled ‘Skin & Earth’ looming.

A simplistic synth refrain coupled with sweet breezy vocals introduce us to a chorus of powerfully drawing melodies and a prominent bold drum rhythm continuing to build the tracks overall vibrant energy.

Heavily contrasting, each verse and chorus toying with one another, the track dives between soft distanced instrumentation and vibrantly colourful rhythms with soaring vocals. Pushing towards the potential of an underlying theme of the chorus imitating an idea of giants themselves, with loud bursting energy and soaring confidence.

Dropping to stand alone melodious vocals, the fierce final thirty seconds of the track burst in. We are met with a continuously growing vivid energy and dynamically compelling vocals which soar above luring melodies. As the track fades out we are left in awe of Lights sheer talent of penning glittering pop tracks and with an incessant need for more.

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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