Ayakara – Who Are You?

Leith five-piece Ayakara release the brand new video for their single ‘Who Are You?’! 

Leith five-piece Ayakara released their brand new video for recent single ‘Who Are You?’ today. With a string of accolades already under their belts and a busy summer ahead, ‘Who Are You?’ leaves us excited for their future. 

The feel-good air of the track is contrasted by the underlying moodier tones in dark-drawing riffs, giving Who Are You? a compellingly tenacious factor. Driving guitars wrap around an energetically bold drum rhythm giving the track a propulsive heavier feel. 

Intertwining the sun-soaked riffs and gritty vocals further, is a prominent grooving bass-line carrying the track throughout, introducing us to a catchy chorus of gang vocals backed with sparkly chords for good measure. 

‘Who Are You?’ is a high-tempo rush packed into three minutes of polished talent. Luring riffs with a growing vivid energy abruptly end, leaving you all too soon with an incessant need for more. With elements reminiscent of the 70’s punk era, it is my favourite track from the Leith five-piece which will no doubt be a stellar addition to their live set –  solidifying their place amongst the most exciting Scottish acts of 2017.

Give their brand new video a watch below! 

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017 

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