Vistas – Strong Swimmer 


With their TRNSMT appearance just a few short weeks away, Edinburgh quartet Vistas released their video for their brand new single ‘Strong Swimmer’ last Friday.


Vistas burst onto the music scene late last year and have continued making waves throughout the Scottish music industry. With their TRNSMT performance just a few short weeks away, last Friday saw them release the video for their brand new glistening track ‘Strong Swimmer’.

Jovial sunny riffs breeze alongside an energetic drum rhythm, wrapping you up in the tracks warm tones and feel-good air. Colourful melodies wrap around lead singer Prentice’s sweet vocals adding a driving edge to the tracks overall dynamic.

A high-energy jaunt from beginning to end, ‘Strong Swimmer’ is a glistening pop track neatly packaged into just over three minutes of pure pop bliss. Punchy percussion gives the track a heavier dimension while hazy riffs add a dreamy element to the track.

Sun-soaked indie riffs, a groove inducing bass-line and the overall sparkly manner of the track gives ‘Strong Swimmer’ a delightful pop feel.

With a video just as colourful and dynamically energetic as the track itself, Vistas have again made waves with this release. Leaving us excited to see what the future holds for the Edinburgh quartet, make sure you catch these guys while you still can in an intimate setting.

Check out their video below ❤


Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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