The Youth And Young – Lanterns

Last Friday saw The Youth And Young release the video for their brand new single ‘Lanterns’!


The Youth And Young are no strangers to putting out bold, poignant tracks. With a string of accolades and live appearances under their belts. Last Friday saw them release the video to their brand new single ‘Lanterns’.

Harmonious dulcet vocals introduce us to a rolling drum rhythm which carries the singles breezy melodies throughout. The sweetness of a prominent violin continues to capture the overall dreamy feel of ‘Lanterns’.

With an ever-growing potent energy ‘Lanterns’ builds with layers of complex rhythmic melodies, soaring vocals and delightful lyrics. Passionately dynamic instrumentation leads to a drop out in the track where echoing vocals are met with a distant acoustic guitar. The sheer power of the track is made clear at the end as raw vocals soar above the fierce final thirty seconds of the track.

A mesmeric dream-like track that draws you into its sweet undertones leaving you wrapped up in its duration. As the single fades out we are left with a want for more and with a sense of excitement for future material from The Youth And Young.

Give the video a watch below ❤


Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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