Model Aeroplanes – Lover

Dundee Quartet Model Aeroplanes are back with a brand new single! ‘Lover’ which was released last Friday is our first look at the bands intended direction for 2017.


A long awaited return – following on from the huge success of their EP ‘Something Like Heaven’ released mid 2016, Model Aeroplanes have seen great success from every endeavour they’ve taken on. With a string of festival appearances and accolades under their belts, the Dundee quartet are back with a brand new single. Released last Friday, ‘Lover’ is our first taste of the band’s destined direction for 2017.

Distanced airy vocals introduce us to sunny riffs and a groove inducing bass-line which gives an overall feelgood air to the track. With all the makings of a live favourite, ‘Lover’ leaves you lost in it’s addictive, sultry tones.

Contrasting the track’s sunnier feel are dark undertones punctuating that slinking bass line with sharp, insistent vocals littered with all manner of glitches and electronics.

It is as the full band kick in during the final moments of ‘Lover’ that the full power of Model Aeroplanes show reminding us why they are arguably the best around at what they do. Which is penning glittering Pop tracks splashed with colour in lead singer Rory’s vibrant vocals.

Overall ‘Lover’ makes for an upbeat track intertwining a dynamically rhythmic drum beat, hazy sunny riffs and delightfully bold melodies, capturing a newly developed weight from Model Aeroplanes and leaving us excited for future material.

Give ‘Lover’ a listen below ❤

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

Photo Credit – Gavin Craigie

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