ST.MARTiiNS – Othr Grls

Dropping a video for their latest single Othr Grls is Dundee duo Katie and Mark, otherwise known as ST.MARTiiNS. 

Known for the creativity in their music and monikers, Othr Grls is an artistic piece. Not only is the song itself an art piece but so is it’s entertaining video. The video has a relaxed and innovative simplicity with a camcorder look, somewhat modest if you will. The video almost contrasts the song. The song bursts with alluring vocals, subtle verses and a demanding chorus. Guitars bounce from one melodic movement to the next, intertwining and sweeping throughout the track.

However the main point of interest in this video is maybe not what you would expect. Something darker to go with the mysteriousness of the track seemed more likely. The point of interest is nothing other than dogs. ST.MARTiiNS have an intriguing thought behind their reasoning for video:”Othr grls’ encompasses the feeling of disillusionment with others around you. It is about that sinking realisation that most of your relationships with people don’t matter. We wanted the video to contrast the lyrics and because dogs don’t let you down like people do.” 

Something pleasantly unexpected from the duo, you can watch the amusing canine filled music video below! You can also catch ST.MARTiiNS headline King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow on Friday 30th June! Tickets are still available from this link :


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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