Club Decode Meet Otherkin

We caught up with Otherkin to talk about their new debut album, their recent single ‘React’ and standout tour moments!

Hi Guys! 

Your debut album is due to be released on September 29th, what can fans anticipate from the new album?

It’s primarily a garage rock album with a mixture of moods on it, lighter stuff and darker heavier stuff and I suppose a lot of it is driving, foot to floor and uncompromised in a way. So I think people who are fans of us will find a lot to love but there’s also new stuff which adds a different dimension to us as a band.


What was the writing process behind the album?

We’ve been kind of writing the album since we put out our first release AY AY, that was when we sort of said to ourselves about the possibility of an album, everything we had written from that point sort of sounded like it fit together. When we concisely decided to start writing songs specifically for an album, we went to a remote part of Ireland with no Wi-Fi and locked ourselves away to write. Lost our minds *Laughs*, cabin fever sort of set in and that lead to a lot of menacing songs coming out. Some of them have, not really menacing structures as such, but they’re weird. Some of them necessarily don’t have choruses, it was just a really fun writing session, everything was pretty simple, a lot of it is pretty much done live with over dubbing.


You recently released your new single ‘React’, How are you feeling about the reception it has received so far?

It’s been really good so far, it’s the second single we’ve put out from the debut album, people are really digging it which is great to see. It’s in line with earlier singles we’ve put out and it’s a got a political edge to it and a message behind it, political messages aren’t usually our thing, not saying that we only write about the same things over and over but it was a different approach for us. People are really liking it though, its really raw and energetic. People seem to be really digging it!


What was the inspiration behind the track?

I think it was uhm, without sounding too cliché, we were watching a lot of what has been happening over the past year and a half in politics. Right wing extremism being a main focus and from a western perspective. The main mind fuck was trump to be honest but then you have Duterte in the Philippines, Marine Le Pen in France, all Megalomaniac leaders, really right wing politicians that were praying on people’s fears. We’re not really a political band but we felt that it was appropriate to have a political song. It’s not really on the nose, it’s a bit more subtle I suppose, it could be about your drunk uncle *laughs*.

You’ve been extensively touring recently with some of music’s biggest acts including Guns ‘N’ Roses, Dead Kennedy’s and an appearance at Download Festival. What’s been a stand out date so far, or a date you’re looking forward to most?

I think Guns ‘N’ Roses, it was truly amazing for all of us. It’s the biggest show we’ve ever done in terms of attendance, I think there was around 80,000 people in attendance. The place where it was (Slane, County Meath) is where I was born so it kinda had a sentimental significance to me. I’ve been up there for gigs throughout my life including the Chili’s, U2 and Iggy Pop. It was a hugely significant part of my musical upbringing so it was really nice to get to play there. We’re on the Dead Kennedys shows just now which is amazing, we started off in Edinburgh last night and we play Newcastle tonight. We’ve done a lot of shows that have been a lot of fun!


A standout moment from the past year?

Last year we played a festival in France, it was basically a Reading and Leeds sort of deal and we were playing the sort of second stage. So, in the UK they have like stage A and basically 25 metres away is the second stage, so on stage A the act plays and while they are playing on stage B the other act sets up and it interchanges like that. On stage A Beck was playing and he maybe had a crowd of 25,000. He finished his set and we set our sirens off for the start of our show and like 15000 people walked over from the other stage to ours. It was our first gig in France and it was a complete what the fuck moment, to be playing to a crowd of that size.


What can fans anticipate from you guys in the next six months?

A lot of gigging, we release the album on the 29th of September and then the plan from there is to play as many shows as possible. We have like a 25-date tour in Europe. We’re touring with InHeaven in the UK who are great, we finish that tour and have a few dates of our own over here so there’s plenty of opportunities to catch us. Then we head to Europe. I think we are literally playing every place that describes itself as a city in Europe *Laughs* but it will be a lot of fun!



If you could have starred in any movie ever which one would it be?

Pineapple express, I love that film I think it’s the funniest shit ever. I used to work in a cinema, while I was working there they gave me the opportunity to put my favourite movie on my name badge so I obviously picked Pineapple Express, I thought everyone would laugh but I was like fuck it, I think it’s the funniest film ever. So yeah I would’ve liked to have starred in that!

Describe Otherkin in three words?


Favourite tour experience?

After the French gig, we were walking around which a gorgeous medieval town in France. Probably not my favourite tour experience but it was one of those moments where I realised that this as part of my job, anyway a guy came up behind me and asked me if I was beck. I was like nah sorry although I probably should have said yeah and offered him an autograph, I’d have felt bad though.

Favourite Gig/Festival you’ve been to?

I saw The Strokes in 2011 at a music festival back in Ireland and it was just incredible, I’d never seen them before and it was an amazing first time seeing them. Swedish House Mafia were on afterwards and I didn’t even stay for them, I was like nah I don’t need any more music this weekend. So I went back to my tent and got absolutely wrecked. I lost all my friends in the process of trying to get to the front of that gig.

Thanks Guys!





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