The Night Cafe – Felicity

New music from The Night Cafe has not been uncommon in the past few months. Not long after the recent release of their Get Away From The Feeling EP, they have released Felicity. 


Rumoured to be their first single of their forthcoming EP, Felicity begins with a moodier and darker sound we have yet to hear from The Night Cafe. A wall of clashing guitar turns into the familiar melodic and light tones of the band’s verses. The lyrics tell a sweet tale of someone bringing light into darker times. “Felicity your smile, does it make you feel better, that it holds me together” are stand out, grasping lyrics. These lines perfectly sum up the story behind Felicity. Despite it being a fond tale, there’s an underlying sadness which is encased within it. Showing The Night Cafe are moving further away from the light and carefree sound they first opened with in Addicted. 

The instrument screams with the sound of The Night Cafe. A common sound their growing group of fans are known to love. Relatively noisy and lively with alluring, catching melodies. There’s an air around the song which is very sharp and cutting, possibly down to the moodiness. Its difficult to paint a picture with this song, however it makes it more interesting.  The 4 piece are proved once again exactly what they are capable of. They still remain a bit of hidden treasure, however it’s unlikely that will the case for long. Listen to Felicity below.


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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