Ten Tonnes - Born to Lose EP

You may have heard rumours of a young artist called Ten Tonnes. Having recently supported rising pop artist Will Joseph Cook on tour and making the rounds at some of the most popular festivals, Ten Tonnes is no longer much of a secret. Today he released his first EP as major label artist and here’s what it sounds like. 


There is only 3 tracks to this short and modest EP, but it’s quality not quantity. The first track is the previously heard Silver Heat. Kicking off the EP with a quick, accented guitar and dancing melody. With a youthful and bursting chorus there is an element of high confidence to the song. The lyrics written tell an energetic tale of girl chasing boy. Kicking out the instruments to perform a vocal bridge and then into a change of pace. The simple way to describe Silver Heat is a burst of loud energy and amusement.

Moving onto the title track of the EP Born To Lose. A more controlled sound but still as youthful. A song with maybe a retro feel and a bouncing and beating guitar sound. There’s an easy flow to the verse, provoking a dance and an anthem sing-a-long chorus. Again a quick tempo and high levels of energy. Born To Lose has a charming, loud and addictive sound.

Finally the contrasting the song that finishes the EP is Love Me Death. Bringing in a sense of quiet, Ten Tonnes is armed only with his acoustic guitar and his voice. A standout lyric “theres no one else that I would pick to be my sweet pain in the neck.” Writing alluring and honest lyrics beyond his years. A perfect little song to close this vibrant EP and showcase of songwriting talent. There is only more to come from Ten Tonnes and it’s an exciting prospect.


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode

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