LaKyoto – Runaway – Single Review


New Edinburgh buzz band LaKyoto release their debut single ‘Runaway’ Friday.

Following a sold-out stellar launch night at Sneaky Pete’s the future is looking bright for LaKyoto with a string of summer festivals already announced, the next year is looking to be highly successful for the Edinburgh indie-pop quartet.

Starting with a distorted catchy riff, lead singer Conor’s sweet vocals soar above a dynamically rhythmic drum beat and sparkly electric riffs. The chorus bears sunny synth melodies coupled with impressive vocals bringing about an all round feelgood air to the track.

Falling rhythmic synth melodies intertwine with an overall sense of building energy and a groove inducing bass line, giving a dance-like feeling that wraps you up in its smooth colourful depths leaving you immersed in the tracks jovial duration.

Dropping to a break of building electronic tones and distant drawing vocals, the final chorus bursts in with a driving energy and bold captivating riffs. Fading out with a synth refrain we are left with a need for more and an incessant need to hit repeat.

A mesmeric energetic track from the Edinburgh four-piece that leaves us excited for future material from them.

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017 

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