Clean Cut Kid @ King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow – 29/05/17

On Monday evening Clean Cut Kid returned to Glasgow for the first time since the release of their debut album Felt. Performing in Glasgow’s prestiges King Tuts here’s what happened! 

Clean Cut Kid burst on to the stage, opening with the rollercoaster riff of Pick Me Up. Instantly taking the crowd with energy and a fan favourite. The bands general love and enthusiasm for what they do was clear from the outset and this was most definitely picked on by the crowd. By far one of the most receptive crowds I have witnessed, Clean Cut Kid themselves encouraging such interactions and a laid back feel.

Not only did the band show off their love of music but also their raw talent. Their sometimes out there and helter skelter guitar riffs and melodies were soaked up by a boisterous crowd. Many songs such as Felt, Evelyn and of course Vitamin C promoted a fun and excited reaction. There was a lot to the scripted part of the performance, however it was never too heavy as it was often sweet tales behind each song. If you’re looking for a fun, captivating and energetic gig, Clean Cut Kid is who you need to go see.

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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