PHOTOS & REVIEW: Flyte @ Garage, Glasgow – 28/05/17

Performing in the Attic Bar of Glasgow’s garage on the evening of the 28th, was the captivated quartet Flyte.  All photos by Cameron Brisbane. 

There’s no denying the outstanding levels of talent Flyte possess. The main focus of the performance was the vocal element, harmonies bounced up and down and echoed out across an attentive crowd. Opening the set with one of their only older songs within the set, Closer Together. They swiftly moved on to their new misuc from the upcoming album. Their popular songs such as Light Me Up and Please Eloise were expected from the audience, but surprisingly Flyte have strayed away from their older sound and distancing themselves from their past. The aim of the tour is to showcase their new noise, taking the attention away from their past hits. There was maybe a slight array of disappoint amongst the audience, however the tunes may make an appearance again in the future.

Stopping mid set to cover the beautiful Lykke Li, their levels of talents were highlighted as they switched instruments and moved into effortlessly harmonies. Their music is undeniably melodic and hypnotic. You will not become distracted in any form, you cannot look away. The penultimate song was their latest single Victoria Falls before taking part in a humerus and modest encore. Coming back to the stage, they moved into the audience. With only an acoustic guitar and their voices they performed their lead single from their album with the audience circled around them. Overall it was a refreshingly talented performance and simply entertainment.

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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