The Night Cafe @ Stereo, Glasgow – 25/05/17 

The last show of their tour and their first headline in Glasgow, Liverpudlian upcoming indie band The Night Cafe took the stage of Stereo on Thursday evening. 

The Night Café perform with modesty, not over performing or showing off, they very much let their music do the talking. With the scripted element of the gig kept short and sweet, they packed an array of songs into their set. Showcasing new songs that are yet to be released and each received a considerable reaction from the crowd. Opening with their most recent single The Way of Mary a packed venue erupted with movement. The majority of the lyrics sung back to the band highlighted their fast growing popularity.

The band clearly didn’t anticipate their turn out, taken aback by the famous here we chants. A standout performance of Addicted was mesmeric and you couldn’t help but hang on every word. Finishing on You Change With the Seasons, The Night Café are a force to be reckoned with.
Lauren Patterson @ club decode


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