The Amazons – The Amazons

Out tomorrow is the anticipated debut album from Reading rock band The Amazons. Read more about the self-titled album released tomorrow below!


The Amazons is kicked off by Stay With Me. An explosive and ferocious way to start this debut album. Lyrically exploring a recurring theme throughout the album, a conflicting thought on loneliness. The album fights with moments of wanting and not wanting to be alone. The song is layered with heavy, fast paced and screaming vocals instruments like a sudden adrenaline rush. A moment of softness can be heard within the bridge, reducing the focus to the sound of the coiling guitar and builds back into levels of high intensity. The album then moves on to Burn My Eyes. A song reminiscent of maybe the Foo Fighters. With a powerful rock riff throughout and vocal melodies switching from one to the other with little repetition. With a memorable chorus and a lusting set of lyrics, this could go on to possibly one of the fan favourites.

Moving on to a set of songs that fans of The Amazons will certainly find familiar, singles In My Mind and Junk Food Forever. In my Mind standing out as one of the ultimate songs on the album. A song where energy peaks with a raging instrumental and a fierce chorus. Again this song explores the loneliness theme. Junk Food Forever is the latest single and hoards several anthem like qualities. A slow royal riff flowing into soaring vocals and uplifting emotion. Loneliness and high levels of noise making another appearance.

A new song and a blog favourite sits amongst several familiar, Raindrops. The untamed sound takes a backseat in this track for a more controlled and centred nearing 5 minutes of music. Keeping the artistic guitar movements and heavy drums subtle, its an addictive piece. The chorus is paced and it brings a break and softness to The Amazons. Moving on to the lead single and the most memorable song on the album Black Magic. The angst in the instruments come back in with a roaring riff. With an undeniable head sticking melody and a song you’ll find yourself singing. Moving onto another known tune, Ultraviolet. A speedy, helter skelter intro bursting into a melodic and enchanting song.

Little Something is another song that we have heard before. With similar qualities as Ultraviolet with a same structural sense. A new one lies next in Holy Roller. The heavy sound we have heard through the album takes a step back here with the introduction of acoustic guitars playing the main riff but keeping the electric guitar to keep the instrumental story. Something Water is paced again, guitars contain short bursts of melodic triumph with the main focus of the song being on the music itself. The album ends quite unexpectedly, an expectation to go out on a racing, roaring song however it hasn’t been the case. The last track on the album Palace comes as a shock. A simplistic number that contains only lead singer Matt’s vocals and steady piano chords. A beautiful and quiet note to end this uptempo album showcasing The Amazons are more than just power riffs and loud vocals.

A fantastic debut from this rising band. With racing tempos and simplistic rhythms this album has everything. Available from midnight tonight make sure you have a listen.

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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