Dot To Dot 2017: Unmissable Acts

This weekend plays hosts to indie music’s best travelling festival Dot To Dot. Taking place in Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham respectively, we are focusing on what the festival has to offer. With us in attendance, these are the acts we are making sure we definitely don’t miss!

Glass Caves


Glass Caves are considered to be Pontefract’s most famous buskers. Rising to fame by playing their music to thousands who pass by, using the money they make to fund their debut album and their music career. With recent releases such as Do You Have a Name and Swim, there could be a second album very soon. Their music is upbeat with memorable melodies and twirling guitar riffs. Not only is their music charming, but so is the band themselves. Their driving music paired with their focusing stage presence lands them as one of our must sees, so make sure you make time for Glass Caves.

The Night Cafe


A band commonly found on our unmissable lists is Liverpool 4 piece, The Night Cafe. This band are considered to be the future of indie guitar music, following closely in the footsteps of the likes of Sundara Karma. With music that pulls heartstrings and encourages a head nod, The Night Cafe put on an infectious performance. With a new single expected in the next coming weeks, the time to see them is now!


Another one of our unmissable bands is the mesmeric Island. Hailing from London, nothing but success lies in front of this quartet. Their music has a unique addictive quality, telling tales of quests of love. A pulsing beat paired with stunning vocals, your ‘ll be in awestruck with this set. With new songs likely on the way soon and hits like Dreaming Of, you shouldn’t dare miss.

Neon Waltz 

One of the Scottish acts in attendance at this year’s Dot To Dot is Neon Waltz. From John O’Groats, the 6 piece an uncategorable genre of music, with twirling organs and harsh tones and more. Many have been paying close attention to the group for years and they’re are sure to show you exactly why with their performance, make sure you’re there.

Lauren Patterson @ club decode 2017

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