Declan McKenna – King Tuts Wah Wah Hut – 21/05/17

Last night saw one of the UK’s most promising artists grace the stage at one of Glasgow’s most prestigious venues, King Tuts. Playing to a sold out crowd, his performance was abundant with radiant riffs, an enchanting dance-like energy and best of all confetti!

A sheer force to be reckoned with, the 18 year old’s vivid stage presence encapsulated the room, his overall feelgood energy flowed out across a crowd lost in every note that left the stage.

King Tuts was packed like I’ve never seen before, the whole room an eruption of dancing, jumping and an all round sense of people emersed in each track he went in to. Declan’s larger than life energy was completely reciprocated by a crowd whose feet were never on the ground for longer than two seconds.

From start to finish his abundantly glowing character mesmerised the room and had each and every person hanging on every word of every song.

A standout moment being ‘Bethlehem’, a chilling echo of lyrics were screamed back to the stage before the full band broke into a chorus of jovial riffs and a radiant dance-like groove underlying the soft dulcet vocals. Dynamically flowing between softer sections with an upbeat chorus, each emotion of the track was soaked up by the crowd with a chorus of singing and cheers of appreciation.

Make sure you get along and see Declan McKenna while you still have the chance to in a smaller setting!

Give ‘The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home’ a listen below…

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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