The Great Escape 2017: The Unmissable 

This weekend sees one of the globes biggest upcoming music festival take place in Brighton, The Great Escape. With hundreds of new acts from all over the world playing several sets over the course of the festival, it can be quite overwhelming. So as per, we are here to provide a little music advice! Here is our must sees for everyone attending TGE. 

The Van T’s 


Our first recommendation is Glasgow’s own The Van T’s. The 4 piece fronted by twins Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson have a 90’s grunge influenced sound. They are electrifying and loud with roaring guitars riffs and harsh sometimes screaming vocals. Not only does this description fit their sound but also they’re live show. They will simply leave you wanting more.

Will Joseph Cook 


Will Joseph Cook is a young pop act who recently dropped his debut album Sweet Dreamer. His pop music is infectious with layers of imagination and styles. With each song on his debut worthy of being a single, there is no dull or less mesmeric moment within his set. Each track performed to the highest standard and live vocals replicating those of the recorded makes for a stellar set from Will Joseph Cook.

Bad Sounds 


Bad Sounds are a band you will often find on our list of recommendations but with a live show like theirs, there’s no way you can ignore it. With songs full of hip hop undertones, undeniable groove and smile provoking lyrics you would think their sound would be a recommendation to see them perform in itself. However, their beyond vibrant and colourful set is straight up entertainment giving these songs the almost theatrical set they deserve.

Fickle Friends


Brighton locals Fickle Friends are yet another one of our recommendations. There music can be described as simply memorable and infectious. They produce an elevating pop sound which has you hooked on it’s first note. The perform with an undeniable rhythm and you certainly cannot deny their style, it’s more than just your typical pop band. With a debut album possibly making an appearance in coming months, the time to catch them is now.

Ten Tonnes


Last but certainly not least on our list of recommendations is young singer/songwriter Ten Tonnes. With a songwriting ability well beyond his years, he performs with an alluring charisma. Mostly performing with his guitar, really with no need for a full band. With a EP coming our in the near future, the time to check Ten Tonnes out is now!

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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