Club Decode Meet Glass Caves 

We caught up with Pontefract Indie outfit Glass Caves in the middle of their Scottish mini tour. Give it a read below as we talk their latest singles, festivals and future plans! 

Hi Guys! 

You recently released your single ‘Swim’, how are you feeling about the reception it’s received so far? 

Matt: Yeah it’s been good hasn’t it! First gig we played after it came out people were single the middle eight which is the right quiet bit, it was really nice. 

Elliot: Yeah it were great weren’t it 

Matt: Good is the general consensus 

What was the writing process behind the track, where did the inspiration come from? 

Elliot: It was about holidays, we’d all just come back off our summer holidays with our respective others…


Will: Respective others? Elliot’s gay he just doesn’t like to admit it 

Eddie: He wanted to say boyfriend 

Elliot: Well we went with our girlfriends then, it was just a great time weren’t it 

Connor: I went on holiday with him (Will) 

Matt: It was just about getting away weren’t it 

Elliot: It was just like about holiday romance 

Matt: Yeah holiday romance and it’s also got a bit of an underlying theme of taking on the world and life together 

Elliot: Yeah just diving in! 

So you played Sneaky Pete’s last night and you play Glasgow tonight, is it at Nice ‘N’ Sleazy? 

Elliot: Yeah! What’s it like in there, is it sleazy? 

Matt: Or nice? 

It’s a really great venue! 

Elliot: So it’s nice then? 

Yes it’s nice! 

Matt: It’s Nice and Sleazy, the perfect combination 

So for anyone who hasn’t seen you before, what can people anticipate from your live shows? 

Matt: Well from Eddy you’ll see a subtle finger tap on the side of his synth, from Elliot you’ll see a face that has no bounds 

Elliot: My jaw sort of dislocates when I drum 

Matt: Yeah he’s like a python, Will just does a bit of mooching in his dressing gown

Will: Some finger pointing as well 

Elliot: Yeah if you’re in the crowd Will might point at you 


Elliot: and Connor sometimes looks like he’s smelt a really bad smell when he’s playing the guitar but it’s just cause he’s really getting into it and Matt will just be there, he’ll be the compère. 

Matt: Tonight we’ve got Glass Caves


Elliot: What more do you want?!

You can’t ask for anything else 

Elliot: You’re right, you can’t 

So you’ve been announced for a few festivals so far, are live venue settings something you prefer to festival settings? 

Matt: I don’t know, it’s got a lot more popular recently 

Elliot: They are different though 

Matt: The city festivals are obviously different as opposed to getting away in a field and camping for a festival 

Will: They’re good though

Matt: Yeah you get a lot more bands staying clean and dry. I enjoy them all though

Will: I think with Festivals you’re guaranteed to have a really decent crowd and full of people that have not necessarily heard you before which is great. 

Elliot: That’s why I like them, we obviously do a lot of busking and the festival experience is like that cause not many people know you and you’re trying to win them over. It’s great obviously playing to a crowd where everyone knows you and is singing along but festivals are like a much higher class of busking because it’s pulling in new fans 

Eddie: When Eddie joined 

Will: That’s your own standout moment, playing keys with yourself 


Eddie: No that was me telling you guys what yours should be! 

Connor: Coming to Scotland 

Matt: Well were still only half way through that one though 


Elliot: Yeah but we’ve been before though, came up it September 

Matt: Mine was probably swimming in North Sea with my clothes on 

Elliot: We’ve done two videos as well, both videos we’ve put out we’ve been pretty hands on with them and it’s been really fun, like one video we got Matt thrown in the sea and the other video we got girls to be us and a bloke to dance 

Will: What you mean your dad? 


Connor: He calls his girlfriend his respective other and his dad, that bloke 

What can people anticipate from the next six months? 

Matt: Were trying to write an EP aren’t we 

Will: Yeah you can expect some more good tunes, we keep giving and we keep playing 

Elliot: It’s annoying cause we’ve got all these songs that people have only heard live and we’re constantly writing new stuff, so it’s like do we just put out a second album of the stuff we’ve got, do we write a new EP, do we release a new single. Who knows!? 

The opportunities are endless 

Elliot: Exactly, it’s like songs weve got endless songs to play with but how do we play with them 

Matt: The world is our oyster 

Elliot: There will be a collection of new material we just don’t know in what format yet! 

Well thanks guys! 

Give their latest single ‘Swim’ a listen below! 

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