Will Joseph Cook @ Stereo, Glasgow – 02/05/17 

Kicking off his headline tour in support of his debut album last night at Stereo in Glasgow was young pop artist Will Joseph Cook.

Kicking off his set with the title track from his album Sweet Dreamer everyone’s eyes were instantly drew to Will Joseph Cook and his vibrancy. With his band of equal fashion he captured the room. No song was performed with lack and no song was melodramatic, each got the performance it deserved. When listening to Cook’s debut, each song has layers upon layers of sound and a loss of couple during a live performance was to be expected, however it wasn’t the case. His heavy sound kept it’s weight whilst performed live. Fan favourites Plastic and Treat Me Like A Lover kept their pulsing beat, low electronics and weaving vocals.

Many stories behind the songs were told during the scripted element of the gig, Biggest Fan a tale of a long distance relationship and Girls Like Me being the track that kicked off the album cycle and one close to the pop singer’s heat. His voice transfixing and placed a hypnotic state on the fixated crowd. No note faltered and seemed strained, it was effortless and almost like listening to the albums itself. The set was bursting with musicianship and one artist’s songwriting talent.

Club Decode

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