Bad Sounds @ Stereo, Glasgow – 27/04/17

Last night, Bad Sounds, the colourful quintet from Bath took to the stage of Glasgow’s Stereo. Reknowned as a fantastic live band and last night they certainly proved why.

The only words I can find to describe Bad Sounds’ performance is entertainment. Everything down to the lights to their vibrant clothes to their energetic movements was aesthically colourful, you didn’t know where to look and it was near impossible to draw the eyes away. Dance moves were thrown in all directions, each member completely absorbed by the music. As they interacted with each other with a rarely seen level of chemistry, a goofy smile could instantly be felt on one’s face. Everything about it was fun.

Moving on to the actual musical element of the performance. Their mixed sound with the common hip hop underlay was received with open arms. Their layers of samples, groove in the bass and helter skelter synths were well rehearsed and perfectly in sync. Making fun of their own hiccups and not failing to laugh when they did happen to make a slight mistake. Opening with Meat on my Bones and closing with Wages they gave the audience exactly what they wanted. Adding a series of hilarious ad libs changing things up everytime. The new and unheard songs are something we should all be looking forward to. They’re undoubtedly unique and their live performance is unrivalled.

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017


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